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  • What to Look for in a Slot Machine – jim o brien
    Ireland's Leading Independent Award Winning News & Tech Review Site. Tech kept simple.When deciding which online casino to use, you shouldn’t just sign up for the first you come across and jump into any game. Although the most significant element in any slot machine style game is luck, there are several things you can do
  • Can you own your own slot machine? Rules depend on your home state – Atlantic City Weekly
    A shuffle through the Gaming mailbag:Q. Is it legal for me to own a slot machine?I’ve turned my basement into a game room with a couple of arcade games, two pinball machines, a billiards table, a big TV and a wet bar. I thought a slot machine would round it out nicely, but I don’t
  • Slot Machines Bring In Billions, So Why Are So Many Casinos Removing Them? – Forbes
    The Spin Crowd: Slots rang up more than two thirds of Nevada’s $13.4 billion in gaming revenue last year—but the casinos are winning more with fewer of them. In April, Steve, a 35-year-old filmmaker from Los Angeles, was at the Venetian in Las Vegas playing a Wheel of Fortune slot machine and feeling like a