31-Aug-2017 11:45 AM

On Monday 4 September, during their school assembly, Variety – the Children’s Charity will make a life-changing presentation to Bass Coast Specialist School. The charity will grant 15 iPads to help non-verbal students find their ‘voices’.

Bass Coast Specialist School is a purpose-built facility that provides appropriate, challenging and engaging learning opportunities within a safe and supportive environment and assists students with intellectual disabilities to develop the essential knowledge and skills they need for everyday life.

Most students who start out at Bass Coast Specialist School have minimal or no verbal communication skills. Due to the School’s regional location, lack of services, and the financial difficulties faced by many of the families, students rarely start at the school with established alternative communication systems.

Some students even start at the school without having had access to early intervention services such as speech therapy or occupational therapy with some not even having attended kinder.

The iPads will come with the LAMP Words for Life installed – a full English vocabulary application designed for non-verbal individuals that encourages language acquisition through motor planning principles. It helps provide a consistent motor pattern for words and a systematic way for students to develop communication skills allowing for unlimited language growth opportunities.

When asked about the presentation Variety CEO Janette Connolly said,

“We are delighted to assist Bass Coast Specialist School with their learning and development program and we hope the devices will also help to improve interpersonal communication between the students,’

The iPads will allow 15 students who are non-verbal or minimally verbal to have influence and control over their environment, rather than simply having to accept what happens around them.

Variety currently has a Grant Round open and encourages both organisations and individuals to apply. Applications close on 4 October 2017.

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What: Variety Grant Presentation – children receiving iPads at school assembly
When: Monday 4 September at 10:30am
Where: Bass Coast Specialist School, 6 McKenzie Street, Wonthaggi VIC
Contact:  Alicia Pentreath, Marketing & PR Coordinator, 0400 196 554