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From March 14 – 20, approximately 120 people and 60 4WD vehicles will make their way from Rawnsley Park in the Flinders Ranges to Port Lincoln through some of the state’s most pristine countryside and across the most rugged of tracks as part of the Variety 4WD Challenge. Hoping to raise in excess of half a million dollars for children in need, this adventure starts off in what has been voted one of Australia’s top ten off-road experiences.

The scenic Sky Trek in Hawker consists of a series of station roads, old mining tracks and linked together by 26km of constructed track over Mt. Caernarvon, one of the highest accessible points overlooking the Flinders Ranges.  Closed to the public in 2011 due to a leasing dispute, Variety has gained exclusive access to this iconic destination which gives a breath taking view of the surrounds.
By this stage the entrants are well acquainted with one another and are into the spirit of the challenge, having completed one of many ‘’fun stops’’ which are peppered throughout the event and ensure the journey is a memorable one. 
Staying overnight at Willow Springs Station, the contingent heads to the southern Flinders, camping the following night in Willochra Creek before setting off across the Eyre Peninsula the next day.
The Challengers spend the following night inland from Cowell at Middle Camp before four wheel driving their way across the Peninsula to Mikkira station, home to the only wild Koala colony on the Eyre Peninsula.
Next on the agenda is Coffin Bay, where oysters are a compulsory cuisine and one lucky table of 10 will e enjoy a silver service luncheon – right in the middle of the Coffin Bay National Park!
Arriving in Port Lincoln for the final day of the Challenge, the group will officially present a grant to the Toybox Community Childcare Centre of over $10,000 to fund paved walkways for wheelchair access as well as a training course for their teachers.
The Entrants will experience swimming with Tuna as a final reminder of the great natural beauty South Australia offers and a well-deserved reward for raising much needed money for children in need in the lead up to the event.
Since its inception in 1995, the Variety SA 4WD Challenge has raised in excess of over $5.5 million (net) for disadvantaged children.
Money raised from the Challenge goes toward initiatives such as funding a respite care program for children, who are disadvantaged and have various psychological issues, to spend time with trained volunteer host families who offer mentoring and support.
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