Final weeks for school leavers to claim scholarships

10-Aug-2018 10:37 AM

Taranaki’s Ekta Bagga has been living for free in one of New Zealand’s most expensive cities.

The Bachelor of Health Sciences student received a Top Achiever Scholarship worth $20,000 from the University of Auckland to assist with her first year of study, and is encouraging other school leavers to consider applying before the 22 August cut-off date.
 “The scholarship has let me completely focus on my study this first year without having to worry about financial circumstances,” says Ekta, an aspiring medical doctor who was Science Captain and Proxime Accesit at New Plymouth Girls High School.
“It was also recognition that the years of hard work and dedication I put in at high school were worthwhile.”
The University of Auckland offers several hundred scholarships every year to new students embarking on undergraduate study. There are up to 250 Top Achiever Scholarships on offer.
Guaranteed and paid-for accommodation in a University hall of residence is a major component of the scholarship, which also includes, for first year students, three meals per day.
Living in the academically-supportive environment of a hall of residence in a student’s first year has been shown to improve study outcomes.
The selection process looks at a broad range of factors in addition to academic results, in particular leadership potential, and acknowledges that some talented students may face barriers to entry.
“There’s no harm in applying and giving it a chance. A scholarship is an amazing opportunity which helps provide financial support, gives you a confidence boost, provides goals to work towards, and also looks great on a resume,” Ekta adds.
For tips and details on the Top Achiever, and other school leaver scholarships, visit the scholarships and awards page at
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