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Single men and masculinity

14-Nov-2017 7:05 AM
What is it really like being a single man in 21st Century New Zealand today? With online dating apps and television dating shows, single straight men have many opportunities to seek a partner but what if they want a partner but don’t find someone? And what if they are happy being single?

Southern seas warming faster than northern New Zealand

08-Nov-2017 7:42 AM
Three of the longest-running sea temperature records in the Southern Hemisphere have been analysed by scientists and show that while coastal waters near Auckland are not getting any warmer, southern New Zealand and Tasmania are.

Spin on Health wins Royal Society Award

03-Nov-2017 9:32 AM
Doctoral student Kate Riegle van West from the University of Auckland has won a prestigious award for a video that showcases her research into the health benefits of poi.

Engineering research boosted by new funding

02-Nov-2017 10:03 AM
Engineering research at the University of Auckland receives more than $1.5 million in new funding from the Marsden Fund for 2017.

Major funding boost for Science at University of Auckland

02-Nov-2017 9:56 AM
More than $8 million in new funding has been awarded to scientists at the University of Auckland for research across a diverse range of science projects, from answering questions on the origins of life to the vocal learning ability of birds.

Is narcissism on the rise? Do millennials really feel more entitled?

01-Nov-2017 7:17 AM
Are New Zealanders more narcissistic than they used to be? Do millennials really have a stronger sense of entitlement than previous generations?

Tackling the big questions

30-Oct-2017 10:04 AM
A new research centre involving scientists from a wide range of disciplines is launching tomorrow at the University of Auckland.

Inaugural funding for environment research

26-Oct-2017 11:04 AM
Three University of Auckland-based environmental research projects have been awarded funding of more than $1 million from the new George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment.

Snapper family ties provide new evidence on marine reserves

18-Oct-2017 12:01 PM
A higher proportion of young snapper in fishing areas north of Auckland are related to adult snapper from the Goat Island Marine Reserve, confirming what scientists have long suspected: the reserve acts as a giant snapper nursery.

Meet the inaugural 40 under 40

12-Oct-2017 7:52 AM
Forty exceptional individuals in fields from plastic surgery to psychedelic rock music have been named in the University of Auckland’s inaugural 40 Under 40 list.

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