Thankyou hand the baton to New Zealand to launch Thankyou: harnessing the power of the movement

15-Jun-2018 1:42 PM

Auckland, New Zealand, Friday 15 June. Disruptive social enterprise, Thankyou (that makes market-leading products and commits 100% of profits to end global poverty) hands it over to New Zealand to launch Thankyou through three simple actions: to Choose Thankyou products, Take Action and Tell Two.

The team, led by co- founder Daniel Flynn shared the idea with 300 supporters in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland, followed by the 3830 strong NZ launch team and today with the rest of New Zealand.

From 8am today, supporters have started to take action by posting on their social media accounts and going to New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square to purchase product, with some purchasing everything on shelf.

The social enterprise now faces the supermarket reality: they have13 weeks to hit the sales hurdle rates or risk deletion. Known for challenging the status quo, Thankyou traditionally doesn't invest into advertising to ensure sales like other brands, instead empowering people to join the movement and use their power to make change.

“We believe this idea should be built to last, and the only way for that to happen is if we let go and hand it over to New Zealand to write the Thankyou NZ story. From school kids, to celebs and CEOs – we’ve been in awe seeing people grab the movement and make it their own. We’ve heard from someone who owns a construction company who said that in every house they build their completion gift will now be Thankyou products in every bathroom and kitchen. Someone else went to New World and bought all the product off the shelf to give to people, another person who runs a flight charter company said they’re going to take the Thankyou handwash and sky dive with it out of a plane at the highest point onto the Franz Joseph glacier. This is people power,” said co-founder and MD, Daniel Flynn.

The starting line-up of Thankyou’s New Zealand product range include best sellers from its personal care range (hand wash, hand lotion, body wash, sanitiser and coffee body scrub) followed a few months later by its design- led baby range (nappies and baby body care). After choosing not to launch with its first and most famous water product, the social enterprise will release a responsible and game-changing water range once the renovation is complete.

What does Choose Thankyou, Take Action, Tell Two mean?

Choose Thankyou: purchase Thankyou products
Take Action: Use what’s in your hands to tell people about ending global poverty with Thankyou
Tell Two: Tell two people about Thankyou and gift them a product, then ask them to do the same. If one person tells two people, who tells two people who tells two people and that happens 14 times, then 16,384 people hear about Thankyou.

Thankyou commits 100% of profit to help end global poverty by funding access to water, toilets, sanitation, safe births and healthcare for people in need around the world. To date, Thankyou has given over $5.8 million to projects in 22 countries. Thankyou will make a local and global impact in New Zealand. Consumers can use the unique code on every product to track their impact and see the project their purchase will fund, complete with images and a level of reporting normally saved for high net worth donors.

Thankyou products are now available at New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square with other retailers to come on board in the coming months.

Click here to experience the digital site made by Tim and Josh of Lumiere from Nelson to support Thankyou. The Auckland event was hosted by Dominic Bowden and Venetia Wilson. Guests included Ali Williams, Art

Green and Matilda Rice, Amber Pebbles, Ido and Mandy Drent. For Images, click here.
To arrange an interview with Daniel Flynn, contact Melissa Morris: +61 401 182 281. For product, impact and co-founder images, visit this Dropbox

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