Cardinal Pell committed to trial: A step forward for abuse survivors

01-May-2018 11:01 AM

“George Pell has been committed to trial and the positive that survivors of abuse can take from this case is that nobody is above the law,” says Shine Lawyers’ National Abuse Law Manager, Lisa Flynn.


“The learnings from this trial are that if allegations of child sexual abuse are made, they should be treated equally by the police."

"It should not matter their standing, where they live, their job or their religion. “


“The charging of Pell for these alleged crimes reinforces that people should be and are treated equally in the eyes of the law. This is a promising step forward for victims of sexual assault.“


“After decades of campaigning, police are finally hearing the voices of alleged survivors and victims of historical sexual abuse and are prepared to act on these complaints. If people have suffered abuse, it gives them hope that if they come forward and report it, the police will at least take what they say seriously and give them the opportunity to have their day in court – to speak out and to have the chance to convince a Judge or Jury of what they say happened to them.”


“To the brave few who came forward with their stories, regardless of the outcome, You have made the police listen to you and your story was heard. You made someone answerable to your allegations and I hope that  vindicates you from your pain,” said Flynn.


Lisa Flynn is available for interviews.


About Lisa

Lisa Flynn is Shine Lawyers’ National Abuse Law Manager. She has represented hundreds of abuse survivors in civil litigations claims and with their Royal Commission submissions.


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