Seafood Industry Australia ‘Our Pledge' roadshow makes a splash in Port Lincoln

27-Nov-2018 4:31 PM

Seafood Industry Australia (SIA), the national peak body representing the Australian seafood industry, made a splash in Port Lincoln today when they toured their “Our Pledge” roadshow.

“‘Our Pledge’ is a social licence initiative from the Australian seafood industry to the people of Australia,” SIA CEO Jane Lovell said.


“‘Our Pledge’ is a commitment to the community which takes into account issues the community holds as important and presents the industry’s actions, position and perspective.


“Today we held two consultation workshops, the first with broad industry representatives at the Spencer Gulf Prawn Association and the second as part of the Australian Southern Bluefun Tuna Industry Association and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation research workshop.


“Game fish and prawns are such an important part of Australia's seafood industry and consultation with both sectors, along with all of the commercial fishers operating from Port Lincoln, is vital to the success of ‘Our Pledge’.


“As an industry, our aim is show the community through ‘Our Pledge’ how we are already actively addressing the issues, perceptions or misconceptions the community may hold.


“‘Our Pledge’ gives the industry a way to succinctly communicate with the community and to inform them of our values and practices. It also helps us focus our efforts on meeting community concerns including the establishment of areas where we need more research, or for greater uptake of existing research and the industry standard of best-practice.


“‘Our Pledge’ is our response to the industry's call for action on the need to secure our social licence and improve our community perception. But, we need to get the right balance in ‘Our Pledge’. It needs to be achievable, but not just a ‘business as usual’ statement. Taking that approach is unlikely to see any real conversations had, or to secure any perception changes within the community.


“To ensure the pledge is seen by as many within in the industry as possible before it is finalised, not just SIA members, we are taking it on a roadshow across the country and trying to connect with as many fishing communities, like Port Lincoln, as possible.”