Choctober 2017 - Socially Inclusive Programs for Disadvantaged Women & Girls.

20-Sep-2017 5:27 PM

Reclink Australia’s Choctober has kicked off to raise funds and awareness for some of the most disadvantaged women and girls in our community.

Choctober funds raised last year allowed Reclink Australia to start a new initiative, our Women in Sport and Arts Program.

This holistic program will offer a range of activities which are for women and girls only. We are putting together a year-long schedule for women from a domestic violence shelter, including a ‘Women’s Pamper’ day, followed by activities such as ten pin bowling, kayaking, snorkelling, social outings, swimming, and gym sessions.

We have also been able to deliver a recreational program to women residing in a mental health facility in Adelaide, and offered a summer watersport program to disadvantaged girls in a southern regional community.

Reclink will also be offering individual support to get young women into sport through our Transformational Links program.

'Choctober 2017 will directly fund programs that will have a lasting effect on the lives of those disadvantaged women and girls in greatest need throughout our community''For many, giving up chocolate for a month would be a struggle, but sadly, sacrificing chocolate is nothing compared to the real struggle many disadvantaged Australian women face every day. This campaign creates a clear and tangible link between the sacrifice of giving up chocolate and the impact your sacrifice will have to help rebuild lives. John Ballis, CEO Reclink Australia.  

La Trobe University recently conducted a four-year study on the efficiency of Reclink’s programs, which proved participation in sport, recreation and arts has a lasting, positive effect of the lives of disadvantaged Australians.
The Choctober campaign will raise community awareness of the lack of sport and arts participation opportunities for women experiencing mental health, homelessness, drug addiction, family violence and disability.

For more information on the Choctober campaign go to

Reclink Australia is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to enhance the lives of people experiencing disadvantage or facing significant barriers to participation, through providing new and unique sports and arts opportunities and specialist recreation programs.


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