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Flood, pollution Drifter goes with the flow

18-Jul-2018 12:00 PM
A new floating device that goes with the flow of rivers to deliver real-time water quality and velocity data is set to be the next defence against flash floods, polluting run-off, and algal blooms.

Amazon’s ban will backfire on the online giant, says QUT retail expert

31-May-2018 3:56 PM
Blocking Australian shoppers to US website Amazon to avoid paying the goods and services tax on transactions will “blow up” against the online retailing giant, says QUT consumer expert Gary Mortimer.

New CARRS-Q study uses virtual reality to measure drug driving behaviour

25-May-2018 8:00 AM
A new study investigating drug driving awareness using virtual reality is aiming to measure if young drivers adopt safer and more responsible driving behaviour.

MIT Bootcamp scholarships pit home-grown talent against world’s best

14-Feb-2018 3:52 PM
Three passionate Queenslanders are about to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity thanks to scholarships to attend the 2018 MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at QUT in Brisbane.

MIT Bootcamp draws environmental entrepreneurs to QUT

12-Feb-2018 2:50 PM
Will the world’s next wave of environmental entrepreneurs emerge this week at QUT?

Fact check for school children for what’s fake news and what’s not

20-Nov-2017 2:15 PM
A new report, co-written by QUT, shows more than half of Australian school children consuming news on the internet hardly ever or never check if it’s fake.

Don't blame Canada: Justin Trudeau and the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks at APEC

13-Nov-2017 12:27 PM
Leading law academic QUT's Professor Matthew Rimmer says the weekend trade talks involving Pacific Rim countries highlighted the key divisions and differences between the remaining 11 nations, after the departure of the United States under President Donald Trump.

Is Chinese Singles Day the next big shopping event to hit Australia?

09-Nov-2017 3:06 PM
Forget Black Friday Sales, Cyber Monday and traditional post-Christmas Boxing day sales - the next big thing to hit Australia will be 'Singles Day', according to QUT's retail expert.

Saving seagrasses from dredging - new research finds solutions

03-Nov-2017 6:00 AM
Timing of dredging is the key to helping preserve one of the world’s most productive and important ecosystems - seagrass meadows.

QUT’s MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp – Future of Sustainability seeks new recruits

09-Oct-2017 10:45 AM
Fancy yourself an innovative thinker? Could you create a sustainable venture in six days that has the potential to change the world?

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