Investment in tourism business capability key to Queensland jobs

31-Oct-2017 10:23 AM

The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) is confident that there is a significant opportunity to grow Queensland’s share of the $106 billion Australian tourism industry.

While a record number of 24 million visitors came to Queensland in the year ending June 2017, growth in visitor expenditure is lagging when compared to other states.

QTIC Chief Executive Daniel Gschwind said one of the key priorities the tourism industry is advocating for is a focused investment in building the competitiveness of our destinations.

“Tourism needs the infrastructure and it needs the marketing but it also needs an industry that has the capability, skills and capacity to drive innovation and create market-leading experiences.

“We need investment in industry-led, capacity building programs that can assist Queensland’s 53,100 tourism businesses to upskill staff and address skills shortages to be globally competitive and to capitalise on the forecast growth.”

Mr Gschwind said growth in global tourism is on track to grow at twice the rate of the rest of economy over the coming decade. 

“We must put Queensland in the best possible positon to make the most of this opportunity.”
“Already more than 225,000 Queenslanders work in tourism and many more jobs can be created right across our state through capacity building programs.”

“Now is the time for the business sector and governments at all levels to focus and collaborate on the growing momentum of the tourism industry,” he said.

Former winner of QTIC’s Prize for Innovation and CEO of Newbook, Brad Illich said it is crucial tourism receives ongoing investment to entice and upskill school leavers and those interested in pursuing a long term career in the rewarding tourism industry.

“In order to accommodate and sustain future growth in the hospitality and tourism industry, business owners must take advantage of new technologies and continue to innovate to remain competitive and relevant in such a dynamic industry.”

QTIC is calling on voters to consider the value of tourism in their local region and has prepared factsheets highlighting the value of tourism, including regional key priorities, for further information visit
QTIC’s tourism priorities for 2017 State election:
  • Invest in innovation to drive business and product development
  • Build business capability through industry-led programs
  • Develop sustainable business opportunities through Queensland’s natural and cultural heritage
  • Accelerate public investment in tourism infrastructure for jobs and economic growth
  • Competitive investment in tourism for marketing and event attraction
  • Maximise Queensland’s destination advantage
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