Small trucking businesses get a boost with a new online business toolkit

19-Aug-2016 11:41 AM

Natroad furthered its support for 25,000 small trucking businesses today with the launch of the My Trucking Business Toolkit.

“Strengthening the industry starts at the door of each of trucking businesses,” NatRoad Chief Executive officer Warren Clark.

“This year we came very close to wiping out an integral part of our competitive landscape – small trucking businesses.

 “The RSRT revealed that many small trucking businesses are not as resilient as we think.
 “The tough – just get on with the job approach isn’t enough in a modern economy to keep the engine running.

“ It take a lot of hard work, planning, good advice and the support of useful tools to keep a business on track through good times and challenging times.

“That is why we have launched the My Trucking Business Toolkit, to give small trucking businesses the tools and tips to help modernise and improve the resilience of each business.

“I am passionate about helping small business, as an accountant I’ve worked with people who were having a go, taking a risk, facing challenges that are common to many small business.

Mr Clark said he speaks with many members who manage their business operations manually, or who have lost a contract they had for 10 years overnight that brings unexpected stress to the business and the family.

“I hear firsthand the impacts of unruly red tape and the effects of 90 to 120 day payment terms on trucking businesses large and small.

“We can see on the horizon the ageing workforce behind the wheel and the looming wave of retirement from the industry.

“We all need to be prepared and resilient as we can be to navigate the significant structural changes taking place within the road transport industry – particularly owner drivers and small trucking businesses.

My Trucking Business Toolkit is available to members and the industry at and will continue to be updated by NatRoad. 

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