Brisbane: Drivers urged to share the road safely with more trucks on the road today

04-Nov-2016 12:04 PM

?Brisbane commuters should expect to see more trucks on the roads in around around the markets, ports and CBD following a delay on the Pacific Highway near Coffs Harbour.

Heavy vehicles which usually cart goods and produce outside of peak hour traffic in Brisbane were delayed by up to three hours due to a police investigation which closed the Pacific Highway. 

The  highway delay means more trucks are likely to be on Brisbane roads today and 
drivers are asked to share the road and be cautious when driving around trucks in heavy traffic. 

NatRoad Safety Tips: 
  • Be concious of the blind spots by not driving too close and make sure a driver can see you in his mirrors.  
  • Don't cut in - be aware a truck needs twice as much room to brake as a car. 

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