Monash experts available for comment

01-Dec-2017 9:12 AM

Monash University has a number of experts available for comment on a range of topics relating to the festive season.

Flood insurance: insuring against large scale events
What is the effect of governmental relief on flood insurance behaviour?
The effect of natural disasters on economic growth
Dr Paul Raschky, Department: Economics
Contact details: +61 3 9903 4840 or

Why Amazon’s arrival in Australia is the greatest retail disruption in years
Christmas spending: economic impacts and trends
Professor Harmen Oppewal, Department of Marketing 
Contact details: +61 3 9903 2360 or
(Not available January 2-15)

Problem gambling can intensify during the festive season
Dr Charles Livingstone, Department of Health Social Science
Contact details: +61 407 322 949 or 

All aspects of traffic law enforcement (including alcohol/drug related accidents)
Professor Max Cameron, Monash University Accident Research Centre
Contact details: +61 417 331 762 or

How will our public transport cope with the demand over the festive season?
Professor Graham Currie, Department of Civil Engineering
Contact details: +61 414 852 699 or

Managing your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels
Professor Helena Teede, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Contact details: +61 407 005 737  or

Bushfires, crime and climate change;
Advancing bushfire arson prevention in Australia

Paul read, Monash Sustainability Institute
Contact details: +61 410 089 746 or

Christmas spending: economic impacts and trends
Dr Rodney Maddock, Department of Economics
Contact details: +61 417 554 149 or

Bushfires: social impacts and community resilience
Professor Margaret Alston, Department of Social Work
Contact details: +61 418 242 856 or

Blood supplies and transfusion emergencies over the holiday period
Associate Professor Eric Wood, Head of Transfusion Research Unit
Phone: +61 407 038 435 or

Maintaining diet and weight-loss goals during the festive season
Associate Professor Wendy Brown, Department of Surgery
Contact details: +61 422 239 100 or

Can the festive season lead to binge drinking?
Professor Dan Lubman, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre
Contact details: +61 3 8413 8400 or

The Boxing Day test;
Australian Open;

How large sporting events promote the Victoria as the place to conduct sport business
Dr Tom Heenan, National Centre for Australian Studies
Contact details: +61 439 047 118 or

Are people addicted to being busy?
Professor Jane Fisher, The Jean Hailes Foundation
Contact details: +61 3 9594 7566 or
Unavailable Dec 22 – Jan 9

General mental health and;
Mental illness can worsen during the festive season

Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, Central and Eastern Clinical School
Contact details: +61 3 9276 6924 or    

Managing stress and conflict over the festive period;

Dr Craig Hassed, Department of General Practice
Contact details: +61 3 9808 2262 or

General political commentary
Dr Zareh Ghazarian, School of Social Sciences
Contact details: +61 402 851 224 or
Dr Nick Economou, School of Social Sciences
Contact details: +61 425 748 166 or

Life Insurance and Genetic Testing
Dr Paul Lacaze, Head of Genomics
Phone: +61 409 416 931 or


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