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NZ FinTech company forges partnerships to launch blockchain tokens

23-Mar-2018 8:20 AM
Capital Trust Group Limited (CTG), a New Zealand financial technology advisory services provider, will forge official business partnerships this week to launch three blockchain projects in Wellington, the centre of New Zealand's FinTech revolution.

Preparing to welcome Mayors to Wellington

30-Nov-2017 10:08 AM
It is local connections that will progress trade and development between China and New Zealand says Bank of China (New Zealand) Ltd CEO David Lei Wang, as around 45 Mayors and Vice-Mayors prepare to meet in Wellington this weekend.

Bank of China celebrates three years of operations in New Zealand

26-Nov-2017 10:00 AM
Bank of China (New Zealand) Ltd is celebrating three years in the New Zealand market since opening for business in November 2014.

Common sense prevails on water tax

20-Oct-2017 11:15 AM
IrrigationNZ says that a decision by the new government not to introduce a water tax would be a victory for common sense.

Bank of China New Zealand (Ltd) raises NZ$150m inaugural NZD bond issue

16-Oct-2017 7:23 AM
Bank of China New Zealand (Ltd) has achieved a successful entry to the New Zealand Capital markets, raising NZ$150m in its inaugural NZD bond issue.


23-Aug-2017 12:59 PM
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Can New Zealand produce the next Axe Handle? Conor English. For Immediate Publication

22-Aug-2017 9:08 AM
Just as the axe handle allowed the human race to prevail, New Zealand needs to put its mind to discovering the next combination of technologies that are going to keep our country at the forefront of ag and food technology. That is going to take capital, risk, and some out of the box thinking. There is much to do if we want to lead the race.

Labour - Let’s answer this - Why tax irrigation to improve rivers if irrigated regions already have more swimmable rivers?

16-Aug-2017 9:27 AM
IrrigationNZ is further challenging Labour’s plan to tax water used for irrigation to fund the clean-up of rivers after an analysis of the latest Ministry for the Environment data on water quality showed rivers in areas with irrigation are more swimmable than elsewhere.

“Labour – Let’s Answer This” - New Zealanders deserve answers on water tax

11-Aug-2017 1:13 PM
In the absence of a policy from the Labour Party, the organisation representing irrigating farmers is seeking answers from Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern on how a new water tax on irrigation might work.

Pacific Connects to Project of the Century

20-Jul-2017 12:30 PM
China pledges to improve life in Pacific countries and grow island economies through the One Belt One Road project

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