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Energy Price Re-regulation Fails to Address Key Issue

13-Aug-2017 2:08 PM
A proposal to re-regulate energy prices in Victoria would not solve the causes of higher energy prices and would not protect households or taxpayers from rising costs, the energy industry said today.

National Approach To Help Customers Get Best Energy Offers

09-Aug-2017 12:15 PM
Energy retailers have committed to a range of new measures to make it easier for consumers to find the best energy deal for them and assist vulnerable customers with their bills.

Best fix for higher energy prices is national policy reform: industry

04-Aug-2017 11:45 AM
The energy industry today welcomed the opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister to discuss how to end the current energy policy deadlock and bring down prices for customers.

WA Budget Changes Welcomed

23-Jun-2017 11:10 AM
The energy industry today welcomed the Western Australian State budget's recognition that electricity prices needed to reflect the real costs of supply.

Electricity Re-regulation Would Hurt NSW Households

22-Jun-2017 6:32 PM
The energy industry said the call by the NSW opposition to re-regulate the New South Wales electricity market is trying to address the wrong problem and would do nothing to protect households or NSW taxpayers from rising costs of living.

Electricity market assessment needs a credible policy solution

20-Jun-2017 5:27 PM
The most important role of government in fixing Australia’s electricity market woes is to establish efficient and durable national energy policy, the energy industry said today.

Finkel’s Clean Energy Target a welcome change of carbon strategy: industry

09-Jun-2017 2:27 PM
The Clean Energy Target proposed to reform the National Electricity Market signals an important and welcome change in energy policy strategy, the energy industry said today.

Energy Industry Welcomes Fairer Electricity Tariffs

31-May-2017 3:50 PM
The energy industry has welcomed the Queensland Government’s decision to minimise price increases by removing the costs of its Solar Bonus Scheme from electricity network charges.

Ruling highlights need to get review process right

25-May-2017 2:26 PM
A Federal Court ruling highlighted the need for the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to finalise its examination of the review process for setting returns for electricity networks and to establish a system that ends the opportunity to exploit the process, the energy industry said today.

WA electricity competition a win for households and small business

23-May-2017 2:30 PM
The energy industry has welcomed the West Australian Government’s plan to increase competition in WA’s electricity market as a sensible approach and a win for households.

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