Uber class action media conference today, 1PM

21-Nov-2017 9:24 AM

Maurice Blackburn, under instruction from the Victorian Hire Car Association (VHCA), is investigating allegations that from 2013 until midway through 2017 when new legislation came into effect, Uber was operating unlawfully in Victoria, which caused extensive loss and damage to law-abiding taxi and hire car operators and licence holders.

It is the first proposed case of its type in Australia, with Canada the only other jurisdiction to pursue similar action.
Maurice Blackburn Class Action Principal Ben Slade will present details on the class action investigation to the Annual General Meeting of the VHCA today, at 1pm, at the Skyways Hotel in Airport West. Media can attend and record the AGM, and Ben Slade will be available for a doorstop media conference afterwards.
“It’s no secret that Uber’s entry into the market, in many cases, has had devastating consequences for the livelihoods of existing licence holders and drivers in the Victorian taxi and hire car industries,” Mr Slade said.
What:                 Media conference on Uber class action investigation
When:                Today, Tuesday 21 November, 2017. 1:00PM
Where:               Skyways Hotel, 113 Matthews Ave, Airport West.
Who:                  Ben Slade – Class Action Principal at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
                            Ben will address the VHCA Annual General Meeting at 1pm, announcing the Uber class action investigation and will be available for a doorstop media conference thereafter
Media inquiries:  Cameron Scott at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
T   0400 876 466 / 03)96052832            E  cscott@mauriceblackburn.com.au

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