QLD limousine and taxi industries unite for Uber class action

07-Feb-2019 1:23 PM

Taxi and limousine drivers, operators and licence owners will meet in Brisbane this Friday morning as they look to join hundreds of other Queenslanders that have already signed up to a national class action against Uber for operating unlawfully.

Media are invited to attend the 9:15am doorstop and attend the public meeting at Brothers Rugby, Crosby Park, 103 Crosby Road, Albion. (The meeting is due to start at 9:30am)
Class action experts Maurice Blackburn Lawyers who will run the case, are meeting with interested groups across the country this month.
Senior Associate Lawyer on the case Elizabeth O’Shea says the claim will look to represent all Queensland taxi and limousine operators, licence owners and drivers that have had their livelihoods impacted by Uber’s illegal entry to the market in Australia.
“This class action will likely be one of the biggest in Australia on any measure – the number of people involved, the potential recovery of compensation for law-abiding operators and licence holders, and no doubt the extent of the fight we are anticipating from the defendants,” Ms O’Shea said.
“We have a proud history of running the nation’s largest and toughest class actions and we believe that this is the best mechanism to pursue some meaningful form of justice and compensation for those who have had their lives turned upside down by Uber’s alleged illegal operation in Queensland.”
There will be three public meetings held in Queensland today, Friday 8th February. Two meetings will be held at Crosby Park in Brisbane (Albion), at 9:30am and 7pm respectively. One further meeting will take place at the CSi Club Southport at 1:30pm.
What:                 Media conference, doorstop before meeting of drivers, operators and licence owners looking to join a class action against Uber
When:                Friday 8 February, 2019, 9:15am
Where:               Brothers Rugby, Crosby Park, 103 Crosby Road, Albion.
Who:                  Elizabeth O’Shea, Class Action Senior Associate, Maurice Blackburn
Media enquiries:  
Cameron Scott at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers     T   0400 876 466     E  cscott@mauriceblackburn.com.au

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