Curves: Why Using a Weight Loss Range Is Easier Than Sticking to a Target

29-Jul-2013 7:25 AM

Recent report suggests being flexible assists with weight loss

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM -- (Marketwired) -- Jul 28, 2013 -- This summer we're all hoping to look our best, but with research pointing out that sticking to a weight loss range is much easier than specifying a target, see how international fitness leaders Curves can help.

According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research as published by, being flexible in the amount of weight people wish to lose is more achievable than setting an exact weight loss target.

Authors Maura L. Scott (Florida State University) and Stephen M. Nowlis (Washington University in St. Louis) say: "Whether a goal is a high-low range goal or a single number goal has a systematic effect on goal re-engagement. High-low range goals influence (individual) goal re-engagement through feelings of accomplishment, which itself is driven by the attainability and challenge of the goal."

The majority of people usually have a variety of options as to the types of goals they wish to attain as they may choose to repeat certain goals over time. For instance, individuals often re-engage goals such as finding effective weight loss tips in an attempt to lose weight, improve their fitness or save money.

A spokesperson for Curves said: "Many women put a lot of pressure on themselves, especially around the summer season, in the hopes of going down a dress size or to tone up - but by setting a specific goal, this may not necessarily meet their expectations. What's recommended is to set a high-low range goal, for at least this allows some leeway - which then results in a better experience of accomplishment when a goal is easily attainable."

Innovators behind the express fitness worldwide phenomenon, Curves has been helping women meet their weight goals since opening the very first Curves back in 1992 in Harlingen, Texas. With thousands of clubs in over 70 countries, Curves remains one of the most popular fitness names in the world - and with their easy three step Curves Complete programme offering fitness, meal planning and coaching, no other weight loss plan offers all three to ensure optimal fitness and nutrition from one unique resource.

For more information on how to lose weight the scientific way, visit Alternatively, search for a local club using the postcode finder - and let Curves help with keeping the weight off today.

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