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Almost $2 Billion Up in Smoke

02-May-2018 9:09 AM
Illicit tobacco is now costing the Australian Government up to $2 billion dollars. KPMG LLP’s Illicit Tobacco in Australia 2017 Full Year Report has revealed that illegal tobacco – as a percentage of total tobacco consumption – has risen from 14.3% in 2016 to 15% in 2017.


26-Sep-2017 9:00 AM
A tobacconist in Bondi Junction has been served a record $72,000 fine for selling illegal tobacco and have also been banned from selling tobacco at their store for 12 months.

Still No Tobacco Standardised Packaging Regulations

31-May-2017 5:06 PM
Imperial Tobacco New Zealand wants to know why the Government still hasn’t released Regulations to implement standardised packaging of tobacco.

Inquiry into Illicit Tobacco – Public Hearing Today

22-Mar-2017 11:59 AM
What: The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement will hold a public hearing today in relation to the Inquiry into Illicit Tobacco.

Treasurer Morrison Opposes Tobacco Tax Increase

03-May-2016 8:02 PM
“So the difference between us and Labor is… Labor will put up taxes on negative gearing, they'll put up taxes on tobacco…… they are going to do all that to do one thing, not to cut your tax, but to increase spending. Now, they are in the high tax, high-spend club. I'm not a member.”

$1.49B Lost to Budget Bottom Line

28-Apr-2016 4:33 PM
In the lead up to the Federal Budget, a new report identifies that the current level of illicit tobacco consumption could be worth up to a potential $1.49 billion in revenue at 2015 excise rates.

Imperial Tobacco Tells Senate Inquiry Illicit Trade a “Major Problem”

03-Mar-2016 5:00 PM
Imperial Tobacco Australia has told a Senate Committee inquiring into the illicit trade of tobacco products that it is a “major problem” in this country.

Plan Pack Review “Plainly Contrived Outcome”

26-Feb-2016 2:15 PM
Imperial Tobacco Australia says that the long-delayed Post Implementation Review of Plain Packaging is a “plainly contrived outcome.”


12-Feb-2016 11:09 AM
The Australian Border Force’s Tobacco Strike Team have been successful in disrupting an organised crime syndicate allegedly responsible for the illegal importation of more than 30 million cigarettes during 2015.

Statement on ALP Tobacco Excise Proposal

24-Nov-2015 12:07 PM
Imperial Tobacco Australia says that Labor’s policy to dramatically increase tobacco excise will be applauded by organised crime groups who are already making a fortune from trade in illicit tobacco.

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