Grains Nuffield Scholar Shows the Way on Ag Innovation

20-Aug-2015 1:04 PM

Nuffield Scholar Linda Eldredge has released a new report outlining the potential benefits to Australian agriculture of low cost cloud-based technology and the implications of not adapting to new technology.

The scholar and farmer from Clare South Australia, sponsored by GrainGrowers, dedicated her research and report to topics such as: current demands on agribusiness globally; the emerging farm production analytical tools being developed that can assist on-farm decision making and drive profitability; as well as what infrastructure is needed for Australian agriculture to benefit from the emerging digital economy.
Ms Eldredge said her report is designed to prompt debate on the competitive future of agriculture in Australia and how technology can promote efficiency, productivity and improved profit margins for farmers.
“Australia needs to invest in digital technology at a farm level, industry level and government level to ensure Australian agriculture remains internationally competitive,” said Ms Eldredge.
“Farmers and the broader agribusiness sector need to invest not only in new, low cost technological products but also collaborate to ensure the collection and filtering of big data can be used effectively across the industry and not duplicated.
“Government’s role in this space should be to invest in broadband and mobile infrastructure, to ensure agriculture can take advantage of technological opportunities. Lack of bandwidth and connectivity is currently holding us back,” said Ms Eldredge.
GrainGrowers CEO Alicia Garden said Ms Eldredge’s report highlighted the importance of developing low cost technological solutions that can boost farm performance.
“The great thing about Linda’s report is that it shows the possibility of increased productivity and profitability without a huge outlay of finance. Products like GrainGrowers’ ProductionWise are a successful example of platforms farmers can use to interrogate existing data to inform decision making and reduce risk.
“Increased adoption of business analytics will no doubt see improvements in farm business performance. An enhanced focus by industry on capturing and analysing agriculture’s big data, underpinned by further investment in telecommunications infrastructure will help ensure a bright future for agriculture in Australia,” said Ms Garden.
Ms Eldredge thanked GrainGrowers for their support in putting her report together.

“GrainGrowers support and commitment allowed me to further understand and explore what we can do as farmers to build our businesses by being smarter, adapting to new technology and ensuring a more viable business model into the future,” said Ms Eldredge.
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