Water prices ‘steady or falling’ for four regions

07-Dec-2017 6:00 AM

Water prices for households in four regions will remain relatively steady, or even fall under pricing plans currently being considered by the state’s water regulator.

The Essential Services Commission has released its first round of draft decisions for four of the state’s water businesses for public comment.

Commission chair Ron Ben-David says a new pricing framework has water businesses working hard on delivering more to their customers.

“The majority of the water businesses have stretched themselves in ways even they thought was not possible just a year or two ago.

“Many have set ambitious targets to reduce costs without cutting service levels, saving customers hundreds of millions of dollars over the next five years,” he said.

The commission has made early decisions for water businesses covering more than 1.5 million households stretching from Lakes Entrance in East Gippsland, south to Phillip Island and Doncaster in the city’s eastern suburbs.

The draft decisions for Yarra Valley Water, South East Water, East Gippsland Water and Westernport Water would see water prices remain fairly steady or fall over the next five years. The estimated impact on average bills ranges from a $74 cut to an increase of $23 for the full year.
(from July 1 2018)
+ / - % 2022-23
East Gippsland Water $1,167 $1,169 +$2 - $1,169
South East Water $1,017 $943 -$74 -7.3% $943
Westernport Water $1,118 $1,141 +$23 +2.1% $1,141
Yarra Valley Water $1,059 $1,035 -$24 -2.3% $1,006

Typical residential owner occupier water bills are based on the average consumption for households in that region. Calculation excludes inflation but includes a rebate paid to customers in 2017–18 from a government efficiency review.

Submissions on the four draft decisions can be made at www.esc.vic.gov.au/waterpricereview until the end of February with final decisions expected in May.

Draft decisions for another 12 of the state’s water businesses are expected in March 2018.
For further information call: Michelle Bryne, Senior Manager, Strategic Communication,
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