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Voltage review underway for bushfire mitigation

27-Feb-2018 10:17 AM
The state’s energy regulator is moving to review voltage standards applying to power lines so measures can be put in place to reduce bushfire risk from electricity networks.

Minimum feed-in tariffs for 2017-18

27-Feb-2018 9:46 AM
From July next year, energy companies can offer solar households and small businesses different rates depending on which time of day they put energy back into the grid.

Energy retailers to tell customers when discounts stop

01-Feb-2018 3:26 PM
A new rule coming into force today (February 1, 2018) will ensure energy customers get at least 20 days’ advance warning before their energy discounts or benefits run out.

Local councils rate cap set for 2018–19

21-Dec-2017 1:59 PM
Victoria’s 79 local councils have until 31 March 2018 to apply for a rate increase above the 2.25% cap set by the Minister for Local Government, Marlene Kairouz.

Proposed minimum feed-in tariffs for 2017-18

19-Dec-2017 11:48 AM
From July next year, energy companies may pay solar households and small businesses different rates depending on which time of day they put energy back into the grid.

Promoting efficiency in local government

19-Dec-2017 6:00 AM
The body responsible for administering the state’s local government rate capping framework says a staged approach is the best way to set an efficiency factor to promote efficiency in the sector.

Water prices ‘steady or falling’ for four regions

07-Dec-2017 6:00 AM
Water prices for households in four regions will remain relatively steady, or even fall under pricing plans currently being considered by the state’s water regulator.

Big discounts ‘don’t translate’ for energy customers

21-Nov-2017 10:44 AM
A new report on the state of the Victorian energy market shows while energy companies are offering bigger and bigger discounts, power bills are continuing to rise.

Future of household water bills under scrutiny

04-Oct-2017 6:00 AM
The prices households will pay for water services from 1 July next year are under scrutiny as Victoria’s economic regulator reviews price proposals from the state’s water businesses*.


10-Apr-2017 11:31 AM
Victoria’s water businesses have praised efforts to improve protection for family violence victims, saying changes to the water code will help them deliver better outcomes for their customers and communities.

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