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  • Iced Beverages have outperformed total commercial industry and beverage performance year on year since CREST® tracking began in 2009.
  • Its average growth rate reaching double digits from 2010 to 2016 with a CAGR of 13%.
  • This has resulted in the average purchase consumption for iced beverages doubling from 2010 to 2016.
  • Nearly One in Two* Australians purchase a cold drink from a commercial outlet on a daily basis (Incidence 43%).
  • The main consumer for Iced Beverage is Under 35’s making up 66% of all iced beverage purchases.
  • Iced Beverages are most appealing to children and teens with under 18’s accounting for 1/4 iced beverage occasions.
  • Iced beverages are typically purchased with other items across all meal occasions.
  • Iced Beverages make a great accompaniment to food in particular, with three in four iced beverages purchased with food.
  • Key focus areas for growth are evident around all snacking occasions and lunch.
  • Iced Beverages are traffic drivers in their own right for many operators with iced beverage consumers selecting special taste/craving or wanted to try something new as the reason they chose that outlet.
  • With commercial visits being driven by consumers looking to treat themselves and wanting to try something new; Iced Beverages is an ideal menu item to deliver on healthy indulgence and new experience motivations. 

    Source: NPD CREST ® Year End December 2016



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