Writers Daring to Live Life Differently Take Top Awards

18-Aug-2017 10:35 AM

A social entrepreneur and a web developer - are the winners of the 2017 Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards, with works announced this evening by the judges’ convenor, Adonia Wylie, as ‘accessible and profound.’
Wellington’s  Scottie Reeve, who  founded Georgia's and Stories, two container cafes which offer employment to young people, won the Book category for 21-Elephants: Leaving Religion for the Reckless way of Jesus.
Ms Wylie says Scottie Reeve is only thirty-one, yet has lived a full life and had his share of troubles. His aim through this book and his way of life, is to make a difference.
“He rails against the unfulfilled promises of living in the Western world with its commercial emphasis and the rapaciousness of society yet somewhat ironically brings entrepreneurial skills to his spirituality. He runs social enterprises giving work to young people in need and has set up a community with people of like-mind who provide food and comfort for the less fortunate. It is a life after the style of St Francis of Assisi – personal denial for the greater good, a courageous way to live a sacred, spiritual life.
“This book would be inspirational to anyone who values the life of the spirit.”
Jeremy Cole, who lives on the Kapiti Coast, won the Unpublished Manuscript Category with Divine Laziness: The Art of Living Effortlessly.
Ms Wylie says Jeremy Cole has the knack of making even his writing seem effortless as if to demonstrate that yes, being divinely lazy is a good way to live.
“His work’s original concept and title are a refreshing counterpoint for prevailing current wisdom that insists the only life worth living must be driven by goals and purpose.
“It is an original, profound and exemplary work.”
The judging panel comprising of Ashton Wylie trustee, Adonia Wylie, author and broadcaster Lindsay Dawson and writer Joan Rosier-Jones were unanimous in their overall choice of the winning works, which took the honours from a total of 10 finalists.
Each category winner received a $10,000 prize.
Awards director, Tim Eddington, says “the Awards always attract an eclectic and impressive body of work by New Zealanders writing in the genre. We very much hope that the calibre of the Unpublished Manuscript winners and their recognition with these awards will facilitate their publication.”
The Awards are unique in New Zealand for their encouragement of writing in the mind, body, spirit genre.
The 2017 Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards winners (in order) are:
Scottie Reeve                    21-Elephants: Leaving Religion for the Reckless Way of Jesus
Cathryn Monro                 Spilt Milk Yoga: A Guided Self-inquiry to Finding Your Own Wisdom, Joy and Purpose Through Motherhood (Familius)
Stephanie Harris              Death Expands Us: An Honest Account of Grief and How to Rise Above It (Lion Crest Publishing)
Emma Farry                        Beloved (Be Loved Press)
Sangeeta Sharma             Reality in Reflection: a Journey Towards Holistic Living (Blurb Inc)
Jeremy Cole                                       Divine Laziness: The art of living effortlessly
Hugh Major                                        Out of the Mouths of Fishes
Terence Green                                 Wisdom's Lament: A History of God and Science in the Modern Age
Ellaine Millard                                  A New Mystic's Teaching & Testimony on Holistic Faith: Integrated Healing of Body, Soul & Spirit through Information Theory
Caryl Haley                                         The Splendour of light
The Winners of the 2017 Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards will be announced at a ceremony in the Hopetoun Alpha Building, Beresford St, Auckland City from 6-8pm on Friday 18 August. Media are welcome to attend.
To register your attendance, for interviews with winners, images or more information, please contact: Penny Hartill, hPR 021 721 424, penny@hartillpr.co.nz
Editor’s Notes
Scottie Reeve leads Blueprint Church in Wellington, New Zealand with his wife Anna. Prior to this he spent 9 years working with young people through Zeal, a nationwide creative arts trust. Scottie is an ordained Deacon in the Anglican Church and a Social Entrepreneur, having launched two espresso bars in downtown Wellington which exist for the purpose of employing young people into their first jobs. Scottie speaks regularly to faith-based and mainstream audiences around New Zealand. In their spare time, Anna and Scottie have enjoyed travelling widely to places such as India, Ethiopia, Palestine and Turkey. - www.21elephants.co
Jeremy Cole has trained and worked over the years as a jeweller, a musician, a homeopath and, most recently, a web developer. He has practiced meditation for the past twenty years, primarily within the Thai Forest tradition of Theravada Buddhism, which has allowed him to develop relationships with its monastic
and lay communities. He also practices the traditional Chinese art of Wing Chun. Jeremy Cole lives on the Kapiti Coast.
The late Auckland businessman Ashton Wylie was a philanthropist with a wide range of interests, particularly in the area of personal development and positive relationships. The Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust was set up at Ashton's request and was named after him.
Ashton Wylie believed that if one wanted to change the world, one had to first change oneself.  Changes are then made by example as ultimately, one can change for the better others that reside within one’s sphere of influence.
The Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust was set up following Ashton Wylie’s death in 1999 with the mandate of having human relationships as its focus, and its main intent being to promote more loving relationships.
For further information please visit: www.awct.org.nz

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