Chiropractors welcome latest evidence on headaches

20-Oct-2016 2:52 PM

A new study examining the impact of targeted manual treatment in relieving migraine pain has been welcomed by chiropractors.

The study by a Western Australian physiotherapist, involves targeted pressure being placed on the neck over a series of sessions in order to relieve the root cause of migraine pain. Scientific papers published in prestigious international journals over the past two decades have reported the value of chiropractic health care in treating migraine pain and the Victorian President of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, Dr Anthony Coxon said chiropractors welcomed other professions recognising the effectiveness of chiropractic techniques.

“Studies published in international scientific journals over the last two decades have reported on the effectiveness of chiropractic care in alleviating migraine pain and other health issues that arise from neck and back issues,” Dr Coxon said.

“This new study, highlighted in the media today, is welcome recognition of the value of chiropractic techniques from colleagues in another health profession.

“Chiropractors have five years of university training in techniques to alleviate pain related to alignment of the back and neck and it is really important that the public seek diagnosis and treatment from health professionals with comprehensive training in this area.”

A paper published in the European Journal of Neurology in September 2016 was the latest in a series of papers to confirm the effectiveness of chiropractic health care in treating people with migraines. The study of 104 people in Norway found that Migraine symptoms were substantially reduced as a result of chiropractic treatment.

Numerous other studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of chiropractic care in relation to migraine pain. An Australian study published in the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapy in February 2000 also demonstrated the effectiveness of chiropractic care in treating migraine pain. The Macquarie University study analysed the responses of 127 volunteers who suffered from migraines aged from 10 to 70 years. The researchers found that more than 80% of people who were treated with chiropractic care reported an improvement in migraines.

“Each week, there are up to 300,000 visits to Australian chiropractors to treat headaches and other spine-related disorders,” Dr Coxon said.

“It is great to see other professions recognising the effectiveness of chiropractic health care.

“It is important to note that chiropractors undertake a full five years of training at university in order to develop their expertise in diagnosis and delivery of safe, effective care of issues related to the spine. People experiencing spinal health issues should consider visiting a Chiropractors’ Association of Australia member for a comprehensive consultation.”

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