15-Jun-2017 10:25 AM

The CFMEU welcomes the Queensland Government’s announcement that they will contribute billions of dollars towards infrastructure in 2017-2018, however the major weakness is that it provides no assurances or guarantee that Queenslanders will benefit from the spending.

Divisional Branch Secretary Michael Ravbar said, “In the last 2 years, the Queensland Government have been all talk and no action on delivering jobs for Queensland workers and Queensland companies.
“Unfortunately key Ministers have continually mismanaged the procurement of jobs in Queensland and should be consulting with the industry and industry stakeholders in order for Queensland workers and Queensland businesses to benefit from local projects.
“Local Queensland companies are constantly missing projects in favour of huge multinational corporations who can splash the cash and deliver a lower tender for the job.
“We have seen a number of examples recently which show that these low tenders mean workers on the projects are missing out on their correct pay and entitlements in order for the company to make up the short fall.  
“For example, the $1.8 billion Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project (awarded to multinational companies ACCIONA and FERROVIAL) where sham contracting is rife and workers are being underpaid and exploited. The work force on this project consists of a high volume of temporary foreign workers and a labour hire firm engaged from WA to oversee the employment of all workers on the project. Queensland workers are missing out on jobs and the profits from this project are not flowing back into the Queensland economy but rather heading offshore. Also, this project has allowed for very little local jobs and hardly any training opportunities for young people (i.e. apprenticeships).
“The Queensland Government can continue to allocate money to infrastructure spending but unless they manage the procurement and the finances for these local projects and ensure Queensland workers and Queensland companies are being used, the spending is pointless and Queenslanders will see no real benefit."

It is time for the Queensland Government to stand up and deliver for Queensland workers, their families, the community and the Queensland Economy.

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