10-Feb-2017 3:13 PM

The CFMEU is ramping up pressure on the Northern Territory Gunner Government after further testing has proven demountable housing and debris in Tennant Creek is positive for asbestos.

During a visit to Tennant Creek on Tuesday, Andrew Ramsay (Chair and Work Health and Safety Officer of the Asbestos Disease Support Society) and Rolly Cummins (CFMEU Northern Territory and Far North Queensland official) collected up to 40 samples of suspected asbestos containing debris from multiple large areas throughout the community.
Andrew Ramsay said, “Seven pieces we collected were commissioned for independent NATA testing.
“Of those seven samples, which included samples of fibro sheeting, vinyl tile etc. we had three return positive for Chrysotile (white) and another positive for Amosite (brown) asbestos.
“The testing was only conducted on a small number of samples we collected but I have no doubt many of the other pieces would test positive also,” he said. 
CFMEU Divisional Branch Secretary Michael Ravbar said, “These results, along with those of the previous testing shows just how serious this situation is.
“Asbestos disease does not discriminate. Every member of this community is at risk of being exposed to the silent killer that is asbestos.
“The health and wellbeing of this community and future generations is being put in the hands of a useless regulator and an inactive Government that continues to sit on their hands and do nothing about this serious issue.
“It is the Government’s duty to ensure that the lives of the children and members of this community are not put in harm’s way.
“Everyone deserves to live and work in a safe and healthy environment and should be able to rely on their Government to provide that for them.
“Alarmingly, even if we were to completely prevent exposure to asbestos this very second, it would still be up to 50 years before the last person would suffer from it.”
The CFMEU will continue to put pressure on the Gunner Government until they do the right thing and rid the Territory of this deadly substance. 

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