Strength of Sisvel Wireless Patents Confirmed – Haier Ordered to Pay Damages, Injunction Claim to Be Further Pursued

01-Apr-2017 6:06 PM


LUXEMBOURG--()--Düsseldorf Appellate Court confirms 1st instance decisions on infringement and validity of Sisvel Wireless Portfolio Patents and orders Haier to pay damages and render specific sales information.

The Court of Appeals has found Haier Deutschland GmbH and Haier Europe Trading SRL to have infringed two patents of Sisvel’s Wireless Portfolio, insofar affirming the finding of the trial court (Düsseldorf District Court, judgments dated 30 March 2017, docket no's I-15 U 65/15, I-15 U 66/15). The Appellate Court has also ordered Haier to pay damages and to render specific sales information. The validity of the patents in suit was considered so solid that Haier's request for a stay was rejected again.

The Düsseldorf Court of Appeals opined that under the current circumstances the injunction claim "couldn’t be granted yet". However, this does not exclude the assertion of the injunction claim as soon as the conditions set-forth by the Appellate Court are met. At the same time, the Appellate Court formally allowed the further appeal to the Federal Court of Justice. The judgment is enforceable with regards to rendering of information and damage claims.

Whilst Sisvel is satisfied with the assessment of the strength of the two patents in question, it will continue to pursue the injunction claim via all the procedural means available. Sisvel CEO Mattia Fogliacco says: "The strength of our Sisvel Wireless Patents has now also been confirmed by an Appellate Court decision. Sisvel remains dedicated to fostering a level playing field and is confident that the legal system will continue to prevent free-riding on innovation. Sisvel is committed to enforcing its patents when efficient infringement is chosen over the respect of Intellectual Property Rights."

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Sisvel is a world leader in managing intellectual property and maximizing the value of patent rights. Founded in 1982, the Sisvel Group is global in scope and reach, with companies in Italy (Sisvel SpA and Sisvel Technology in None Torinese), the United States (Sisvel US in Washington, DC and Los Angeles), China (Sisvel Hong Kong), Japan (Sisvel Japan in Tokyo), Germany (Sisvel Germany in Stuttgart), Luxembourg (Sisvel International), and the United Kingdom (Sisvel UK in London), with over one hundred professionals worldwide with technical, legal, and licensing expertise. Sisvel has a long history of managing successful patent portfolios including those related to the audio compression standards known as MP3 and MPEG Audio, and widespread technologies such as OSD (On Screen Display), ATSS (Automatic Tuning & Sorting System), and WSS (Wide Screen Signalling - for automatic switching of television image formats). Sisvel currently operates patent pools and joint licensing programs for the DVB-T2, LTE/LTE-A, 3G and Wi-Fi standards, together with its Sisvel Wireless and Recommendation Engine licensing programs.

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