Smart Field Forms Makes a Disruption in Data Collection and Processing for Global Field Service, Audits and Inspection Industries

12-Mar-2019 9:59 AM


CHICAGO--()--Smart Field Forms (, formerly known as eFormsPilot, is introducing a new groundbreaking platform for Field Service and Inspection companies worldwide. It offers a full feature set for companies of any size, from small teams to large enterprises and franchises.

Smart Field Forms software is built using robust and scalable cloud solutions and comes as a customizable platform that can be adapted to specific workflows and unique requirements that field service or inspection companies might have for the best price available on the market today.

“Cloud storage and server infrastructure is pretty cheap today and it doesn’t come with a heavy cost as it was five or more years ago.” said Daniel Acas, CEO of Smart Field Forms. “We decided to take this disruptive decision and offer our customers a fantastic opportunity to have an industrial-grade and feature rich platform for only $10 a month per user as there is no need to pay $50, $60 or even more as other similar solutions do. We give our clients unlimited storage, submissions, digital forms and much more, helping them save tens of thousands of dollars each year.”

The platform’s core features like Dynamic Forms Builder, Conditional Logic, Inspection Scoring, OCR and QR Scanners are available for immediate use. Other great components are scheduled for release very soon.

Here is what’s coming in Q2 2019: SmartVoiceUI - AI powered feature, where users can fill-out forms using natural language; Asset Management tool; Tasks and Projects together with a powerful Scheduling Manager.

In Q2-Q3 2019, Smart Field Forms users can also expect Built-in Chat, a tool which will make communication between office and field workers seamless; Dropbox? type File Management System and Real-time Field Team Tracking.

If you would like to test and evaluate the Smart Field Forms platform, they have a FREE one user plan available here:

About Smart Field Forms: Smart Field Forms is a platform, designed and built for any company that does inspections, audits or field services worldwide. It can be used and configured for many industries like Energy, Government, Manufacturing, Construction, Logistics or Hospitality. Talk to the team that makes the disruption in the global field service market today.


Daniel Acas / CEO
(312) 588-7200

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