SAPORI, the traditional sweets of Tuscany, and SLOW FOOD spotlight the quality of Italian pastry

30-Sep-2016 9:01 AM

  • Sapori, Tuscany’s historic baked goods brand, celebrates the uniqueness of Tuscan pastries with Cantucci, Panforte and Ricciarelli
  • Sapori partner of Slow Food @ Salone del Gusto

FLORENCE, Italy--()--Sapori, the historic Italian pastry brand, celebrates the 30th anniversary of Slow Food, partnering to support and promote good, clean and properly prepared food.

Sapori’s unique products are true milestones in the history of Italian pastries, delicacies that make Sapori a Best of Italy brand, at home and abroad. Sapori products perfectly exemplify the typical Italian craftsmanship recognized around the world.

But Sapori is much more. Sweets like Cantucci, Panforte and Ricciarelli are icons of Tuscan tradition, scrumptious little symbols that no one who has visited Tuscany can forget. Any Italian will tell you that Cantucci and Panforte are Sapori.

But how do you become an icon in the country identified more than any other as the nation of good food? Sapori’s secret is simple. The unique taste of its sweets stems from respect for an industrial history spanning 200 years (Sapori was founded in 1832), infinite care in production processes, precise attention to traditional Tuscan recipes, and extreme care in selecting raw material suppliers. Slow Food recognizes and appreciates all these attributes.

Sapori’s strong bond with Tuscany, its land of origin, is a sure guarantee of "quality know-how”. The basis of this know-how is the skill and passion of Sapori’s Master Pastry Chefs. They respect the regional tradition of confectionery, dedicating care, time and attention to making excellent sweets from equally excellent raw materials. All these qualities allow them to produce exceptional goodness in the facility in Tavarnelle, a few kilometres from Florence.

Ingredients, processing and recipes were shared at Terra Madre - Salone del Gusto, in Turin last week.

About Sapori -

Siena - Sapori 1832, the prestigious brand of excellent Italian confectionery, is a leader in Sienese and Tuscan pastry.

Thanks to careful selection of raw materials and original, exclusive recipes, the passion of this company has endured since 1832.

Production is historically linked to Panforte, Ricciarelli and Cantuccini, true masterpieces the Italian baker’s art. In almost two centuries of history, Sapori 1832 has gained experience and know-how, always proposing new and fragrant goodness of fine pastry, to enjoy on any occasion.



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