Reveal Group Announced as First Blue Prism Authorized Training Partner in Southern Hemisphere

13-May-2017 3:52 PM

Reveal Group’s Training Academy becomes Blue Prism’s third Authorized Training Partner

SYDNEY--()--Reveal Group, the global leader in operational excellence, today announced the further expansion of its partnership with Blue Prism, leading developer of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software. Reveal Group are the first Authorized Training Partner in the Southern Hemisphere, and third in the world.

Expanding on their extensive Blue Prism capabilities, Reveal Group have codified their RPA best-practices to create unique, practical training courses, designed and proven to quickly and efficiently develop client RPA capabilities. Leveraging and augmenting Blue Prism’s courses has enabled Reveal Group to offer training tailored to every role in the Robotic Operating Model (ROM). Reveal’s clients are already seeing substantial cost and speed benefits from uplifting their internal capabilities.

Reveal Group have introduced RPA to over 400 organizations globally, and over 500 people around the world to understand and implement Blue Prism software.

Reveal Group’s RPA training is now being provided to the broader market so that all organizations can benefit from this approach. Every training course is facilitated by Reveal Group’s accredited Professional Developers who bring extensive practical experience of implementing Blue Prism at leading global organizations. Reveal Group’s Training Academy takes workforces through the most effective instructor-led courses, equipping them with hands-on skills to accelerate their development.

Ian Crouch, CEO, Reveal Group said: “We are delighted to be recognized by Blue Prism as an Authorized Training Partner, and for our Academy to be acknowledged for its breadth and quality of training courses. This is a wonderful recognition of our end-to-end RPA services. We are uniquely focused on upskilling clients so that they can quickly become proficient in implementing Blue Prism. Building internal capability is a critical step to fast-tracking successful and cost-effective digital workforces, rather than relying on outsourcing or offshoring.”

About Reveal Group

Reveal Group specializes in helping clients to quickly and cost effectively transform their business performance. They are revolutionizing Operational Transformation programs with innovative software, industry-leading experience, unrivalled expertise and a global partner network. Since 2005 Reveal Group have been at the forefront of applying technology to transform processing, guaranteeing rapid and sustainable results. Across all service industries, Reveal Group’s tools and training are helping teams worldwide to maximize productivity and optimize workforces.


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