Password Coach to Release Free Password Security Training

07-Apr-2017 10:40 AM

Expert–grade password security doesn’t come naturally to most – but it can be quickly learned

SYDNEY--()--Today, Password Coach announces the availability of free password security training to help the non-technical majority reduce the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime through the implementation of more robust digital security.

“We believe that good password security is an education issue. We are regularly told to use strong passwords, but rarely shown how,” said Simon Gibbard, Founder of Shore Up Security, creators of Password Coach. “The Coach fills that gap. Now expert-grade password security is within everyone’s reach.”

Password Coach is the alternative to complex software, risky DIY passwords and scribbled password reminders. At its core, the Password Coach Guide to Strong Password Security e-book supports readers in the process of visually generating and recalling hundreds of passwords without the need to memorize, record or store them.

Gibbard added, “Our memory is at the root of our password security vulnerabilities. If we remove the need to memorize our passwords, then we remove our password vulnerabilities.”

“Over 3 billion of our old passwords are in the public domain. If we are in the habit of reusing a small handful of easy-to-remember passwords, then we have a latent security problem.”

Password Coach is available now and is free for home and small business users. Customized editions are available for enterprise organizations that need to reduce the cost and disruption associated with employee password management, and enable broader password security policy compliance within the workforce. Both the training and the Password Coach Guide e-book are available at

About Shore Up Security

Our singular goal is to help the world’s non-technical majority enhance their digital security through the routine use of expert-grade, strong passwords. For more information or to get involved, visit

Password Coach is produced by Shore Up Security PTY based in Sydney Australia.


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