MEGA Creates Unique Digital Transformation Platform

15-Nov-2017 11:24 AM

HOPEX helps companies strengthen connection between strategy and execution to accelerate innovation and get to market faster


BOSTON--()--MEGA International is introducing its HOPEX solutions platform as a unique, integrated digital transformation instrument. HOPEX presents a significant opportunity to companies that need to easily assemble critical business insights to make smarter decisions faster in order to transform their businesses into highly competitive, rapidly growing operations.


The wide range of MEGA’s HOPEX strategic enterprise architecture and governance, risk and compliance solutions are strengthened by the platform’s advanced and exclusive collaborative capabilities and centralized information resources that can unite an entire organization in transformation initiatives.

The HOPEX platform and its solutions can help companies:

  • accelerate time-to-market for products and services that are essential for business growth
  • build an indispensable roadmap for business transformation and provide the means to execute company strategy effectively
  • eliminate independent silos of information and processes within the organization that prevent departments from reaching vital goals
  • connect with customers and understand how to create successful, enduring touchpoints to ensure buyer loyalty

“HOPEX is helping company leaders fulfill their vision to transform their organizations into smarter, leaner operations that better understand and serve their customers, and improve enterprise performance,” noted Lucio de Risi, CEO, MEGA.

The HOPEX platform meets the needs for modern enterprise architecture by delivering:

  • support for multiple key roles across the entire company … individuals engaged in business strategy, enterprise architects, IT managers, business transformation project managers and more
  • an easy-to-use format for every user level, from experts to occasional contributors to infrequent viewers, that helps each one accomplish their objectives
  • a web-based environment that makes it easy to achieve true collaboration
  • project portfolio management capabilities that help companies identify, select and pursue the best project choices

“Business leaders are clamoring for faster ways to reinvent their companies to deal with fast-changing market opportunities and threats,” explained de Risi. “Our HOPEX digital transformation platform is designed to drive business transformation through collaborative efforts across the company.”

Over the past few months, MEGA has introduced several new and reimagined digital transformation solutions offering the new platform capabilities:

  • HOPEX Business Architecture
  • HOPEX IT Architecture
  • HOPEX IT Portfolio Management

Web-based Explorer capabilities, an environment and portal, make it easy to accomplish broad-based collaboration and allow users to see information in a dynamic, real-time manner. Everyone can access the right information at the right time in the right place, and take advantage of review notes, workflows, activity feeds, social communications and ideation capabilities that add to the uniqueness of the platform and solutions.

A Web Services Factory provides ready-made templates that can be used to build web services in HOPEX to provide faster and closer integration with a company’s existing IT environment and other platforms.

MEGA has also added new scalability to allow large companies to have thousands of users, in expert, contributor and viewer roles.

The new platform capabilities will be included in MEGA’s solutions, available in either cloud-based or on-premises options.

About MEGA
MEGA International is a global software firm helping companies manage enterprise complexity by giving them an interactive view of their operations. Executives gain the visibility and information they need to make the right choices for effective governance and to strike the right balance between capacity for innovation, cost optimization and risk management. Backed by HOPEX software and MEGA consulting services, companies can boost business and IT agility in today’s disruptive business environment.


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