Strengthens Online Privacy and Security

10-May-2018 8:41 AM

Never Reveal Your Personal Email Address Online

BURLINGTON, Mass.--()--Raven Fly, Inc., a developer of advanced cybersecurity and privacy solutions for individuals, today announced the availability of, a cloud service that provides stronger online privacy, security and control through the automated use and management of multiple email identities – hence the name ManyMe.

By simplifying the use of multiple identities, ManyMe responds to widespread concerns about privacy and security. Have you ever been reluctant to disclose your primary email address online? Ever feared what might happen to your address after you disclose it, or doubted the trustworthiness of “unsubscribe” promises? Do you often use the same password, even though you know you shouldn’t? ManyMe addresses all of these concerns with simple options that provide advanced capabilities and greater protection for your online life.

ManyMe automates the use and management of all of your addresses, so that you never need to remember a thing. You can even disclose a ManyMe address offline, spontaneously in conversation or when filling out a paper form. Because your account credentials will always be different, you’ll be less exposed to credential re-use attacks. Additionally, ManyMe creates a telling record of what happens to an address after it is disclosed, documenting how the address is shared with new senders at new domains, and providing a simple way to prevent further spread with a single click. ManyMe works with any email system, and all email that successfully passes ManyMe’s extensive filtering is delivered to your primary inbox, so you only have one inbox to manage.

“Virtually everything people do online is recorded and tracked by someone,” said David Hughes, Raven Fly’s co-founder and CEO. “If you wish to find some refuge from this surveillance economy, don’t reveal your personal email address online, disclose a ManyMe address instead.”

ManyMe provides the only other email address you’ll ever need. To create an account, please visit

About ManyMe is an easy-to-use cloud service that strengthens online privacy, security, control and awareness. It is available as a free service or as a subscription-based premium service with added capabilities. ManyMe respects the privacy of its users and does not sell their data. ManyMe is a trademark of Raven Fly, Inc.

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