Liu Youju's Illusion Paintings Trigger Modern Abstract Trends

06-Nov-2018 3:36 PM

Chinese-French Forum was held in Guangzhou (Photo: Business Wire)

Chinese-French Forum was held in Guangzhou (Photo: Business Wire)

BEIJING--()--Liu Youju's illusion painting had existed for some time, but not many people had explored his artistic practices yet. More than 30 years ago, Liu Youju practiced the creation of abstract ink paintings. Fortunately, his illusionary painting had not yet left the idea of ink painting. It can be said that his illusionary art was injected with more ‘soul’ in his ink.

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Fertility of the Universe by Liu Youju

In recent years, the illusionistic paintings by Liu Youju have been exhibited in the Paris Museum of Decorative Arts, the British Museum, the Centre Georges Pompidou and other museums. His personal work seminar was held in the master furniture department of the world-renowned Florence Academy of Fine Arts, and his academic speech a Critique of Regionalism was praised as an important cultural event in Europe. The illusionistic painting created by Liu Youju has attracted extensive attention in western academic circles. It has to be acknowledged that there is a new abstract craze of various kinds of phenomenal art in the Chinese painting circle and even among the people at present, which undoubtedly originated from the Liu Youju Phenomenon, which is the best time for the change of Chinese art concepts. Indeed, as a liberal process of learning, it is likely to lead to a progressive movement in art. Of course, the Liu Youju Phenomenon has not formed a model benchmark, we do not want to see the new authoritarianism of art, which is very unfavorable to the free form of art development. Imperceptibility is a natural consciousness and the spiritual consciousness fusion of the highest realm and any art revolution guided by this power is impossible to succeed! It needs to be said that the development of modern science and technology also provides the media diversity for modern art creation. This creates a wide space for broadening the scope of innovation and improving visual effects. However, it must be noted that many people do not work on the connotation of art itself, but use the rich texture of various chemical reactions to make an extension.

At present, the new abstract heat of art should not only discover and support the creative talents of art but also prevent the form externalization of the cultural spirit of art itself.


Beijing danqingbense institute of arts


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