Kenshaw Named Preferred Supplier of Backup Power Generation Systems for CDC

20-Dec-2016 1:14 PM


NEWCASTLE, Australia--()--Kenshaw, a trusted Cummins Dealer has provided CDC, the company that manages the federal government’s most Secure Data Files a turn-key generator solution based on Cummins generator products.

As the one-stop-shop provider, the scope of the project was for Kenshaw to design, supply, install and commission of 4 diesel generators operating in two groups of two, complete with all equipment required for their operation. This included sound attenuation, exhaust systems, fuel storage and handling, auxiliary DBs, synchronizing controls, mimic panels, cabling and monitoring signals for transmission to the Data Centre Management System (DCMS). Design had to ’future proof” to allow for installation of an additional 4 x 2,250kVA generator sets as redundancy.

Between 2012 and 2016, Kenshaw had initially installed 5 x 1,400KVA gen sets at Hume, 6 x 2,250KVA gen sets at Fyshwick all generators are supplied with custom-built acoustic enclosures and fuel systems, and the most recent being the 4 x 2,250KVA gen sets at Hume 3 above. Kenshaw has been responsible for all customisations.

Australian owned company, CDC owns and operates world class secure data centre facilities that guarantee the availability of mission critical systems. CDC uses state of the art technology for power delivery, cooling and security. CDC's facilities are designed, built and operated under the principles of the TIA-942 standard, are concurrently maintainable and have delivered 99.99999999% up time since 2007. Due to the significant power and cooling requirements, the provision of back-up power supply is critical to ensure customer service agreements are maintained.

CDC’s General Manager, Tim McKinnon commented “We are pleased to be partnering again with Kenshaw and Cummins to roll-out another phase of CDC’s planned infrastructure growth. Kenshaw are our preferred supplier of Backup Power solutions because of their proven track record. Their expertise in supplying complex generator projects is trusted and highly regarded by CDC and we are delighted with their project management, customer focus as well as the total technical solution.”

Brad Hughes, Kenshaw’s General Manager added “needless to say, having a prestigious client such as CDC is tremendous for the whole team at Kenshaw. We have been delivering turnkey generator solutions to CDC since 2012 and we look forward to many more years of helping CDC expand its facility and enable them to acquire more business. The whole team enjoys working with CDC and Cummins. The Cummins product is excellent and the Cummins team have been flexible and easy for us to work with and have been integral to the success of this project”.

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