Introducing ‘Stroke-by-Stroke’: the App You Want Your Child to Play With

28-Dec-2017 8:46 AM

A new app from Utopia Online is bringing Chinese characters to life for new learners

Kickstarting Your Learning of Chinese (Photo: Business Wire)

Kickstarting Your Learning of Chinese (Photo: Business Wire)

HONG KONG--()--Any parent knows that getting your child to study can be an uphill battle. But fear not, the rise of educational technology has proven effective in engaging and motivating students to stay on-task. Whereas parents may be wary of allowing their child to use smart devices to practice or study—after all, the potential for distraction is high—countless studies have shown that children respond well to the gamification aspects that these devices offer.

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Gamification, the means of advancing through levels or unlocking achievements, is especially effective for children and teenagers. It puts their learning into a storytelling journey, where they can track their progress.

Stroke-by-Stroke, a new app from Utopia Online.

To harness the power of gamification in educational technology, Utopia Online is introducing Stroke-by-Stroke, an interactive app designed to help primary school students aged 5–11 years learn how to write Chinese characters. The app uses the writing pad of a smartphone to simulate the process of writing Chinese characters. Many students already use their smart devices to play games. What Stroke-by-Stroke seeks to do is redirect that focus and engagement to a more productive end. Students continue to enjoy the rewards of game-playing, while learning a valuable new skill at the same time.

Non-stop learning, on the go

Offering bite-sized lessons, Stroke-by-Stroke has innovative features that support learners and make regular learning more accessible, and above all, enjoyable. With the extra benefit of the app being portable, young learners can keep up their learning on the go—whether on the school bus, in the playground or when travelling with their parents—and they’ll be on their way to discovering and exploring the fascinating world of Chinese characters.

Crowdfunding for the future of educational tech

Now, Utopia Online is looking to make Stroke-by-Stroke a reality. Through crowdfunding to further develop the app, Utopia Online hopes to bring the joy and rewards of learning Chinese characters to children all over the world. Those who are interested in pledging can visit (for Indiegogo), or (for Kickstarter)


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