EquatIO - Making Math Digital

05-Apr-2017 10:50 AM

Simply type, handwrite or talk to instantly create equations, formulas and more... digitally!

WOBURN, Mass.--()--Texthelp (www.texthelp.com), a leader in language and literacy support software, today announces the launch of EquatIO - a new Chrome extension that makes it easy for students and teachers to create equations, formulas and other mathematical expressions digitally (graph creation coming soon).

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EquatIO makes math and other STEM subjects simple and accessible in today’s tech-focused classrooms, encouraging a more interactive, collaborative approach to the teaching and learning of math related subjects.

“Mind blown - it is AWESOME!” says Emily Fitzpatrick, Director of Professional Development, EdTechTeam Canada. “EquatIO is what every math and science student and educator has been longing for. It brings math out of the ‘pen and paper required’ bubble and into the world of collaboration and communication - allowing students to digitally produce clear and proper mathematics without hours of learning and practicing. If you’re wondering how to integrate meaningful technology into the classroom, EquatIO is where I’d recommend starting.”

Smart, simple and intuitive

EquatIO is brilliantly intuitive for students and teachers alike, with no need to learn any complex math code or programming languages.

Teachers and students can type, handwrite or dictate virtually any mathematical expression directly on their computer’s keyboard or touchscreen. EquatIO is smart, realizing that the user means ‘square root’ when typing just ‘sq’. It also understands speech, ignoring ‘umms’, ‘errs’ and unwanted non-math words when dictating a formula aloud.

Since it’s compatible with Google Docs and Forms, it’s a great partner for today’s Google Ed-centric classrooms. “Students nowadays are more likely to pick up their Chromebooks than pen and paper to complete an assignment,” notes Texthelp’s John McGowan, developer of EquatIO.

“As a former math teacher myself, it’s frustrated me to see the subject being largely overlooked in today’s tech-focused classrooms. Even writing a basic fraction like ‘three quarters’ with your keyboard isn’t easy. And while there are mathematical description languages out there, you have to think like a programmer. With EquatIO, we’re bringing math back in line with other classroom subjects where technology has transformed teaching.”

Designed around the well-evidenced principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), EquatIO complements Texthelp’s other education and literacy software that help students read, write and express themselves confidently in line with their own personal learning needs.

“Students are still predominantly using paper to create math and respond to math questions,” says Martin McKay, Chief Technology Officer and founder of Texthelp. “We believe the time is right to provide tools for teachers and their students to create and respond to math digitally.”

EquatIO is available free at the Chrome Store. After 30 days, use of premium features requires a license.

About Texthelp?

Texthelp believes that everyone shares a fundamental need to be understood by others, and language is our passport to academic, social and professional success. This is what drives Texthelp to create smart, easy-to-use support technologies that enable young people and adults to read and write with confidence and independence and to benefit from the English language.

Texthelp works with leading technology companies including Google and Microsoft, and works closely together with many of the world’s major educational publishers to provide literacy support solutions to classrooms worldwide.

Texthelp’s world leading assistive and language learning software is used daily by students and educators in schools, colleges and universities worldwide. Our corporate software tools continue to be used by blue-chip companies, as well as large and small scale public departments and government organizations globally.

Texthelp has been recognized in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for 14 consecutive years, and has recently been awarded both the global Google Partner of the Year (devices), and the Digital Agenda awards for Impact within Education.

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