Business Texts Get More Affordable with New simPRO SMS Plans

10-Apr-2018 9:29 AM

BRISBANE, Australia--()--Technology company simPRO’s ongoing mission to help businesses increase productivity and profitability has taken a giant leap forward with the launch of their latest SMS plans to complement its job management solution.

As cloud-based job management technology increases its penetration into the trade services industry, simPRO’s SMS plans give businesses the ability to use mobile devices in the job process without having to worry about added service providers and logistics.

simPRO Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Eastgate said depending on the plan, cutting out the need for a separate SMS provider means businesses can save up to 60% on their plans.

“We are living in an age where technology is continuously disrupting the way we do business making it harder every day for us to imagine how we operated without it,” he said.

“Our SMS services run from simPRO, by simPRO, cutting the need for third party providers, which means a dramatic reduction in administrative stress and cost.”

Short message service plans in Australia and New Zealand cater to all business needs ranging from small to large packages. Starting from just $10 a month, businesses can choose plans that allow SMS anywhere from 110 to 1,250 messages.

“The range of SMS packages simPRO now provides means businesses can choose the right deal to suit their communication needs, and all the money businesses save can then be moved over to other operations budgets,” Mr Eastgate said.

“It’s important to minimise costs to dedicate your business’s returns to the areas where they are needed most.”

simPRO’s SMS services give businesses an appropriate platform to communicate on a smaller and more mobile scale, providing a more streamlined channel compared to conversations over the phone or emails. simPRO users with a SMS plan can send custom messages that update and inform customers on work progress or alert workers of a new job or request, meeting or project reminders, both on site or in the office.

With more than 100,000 current users worldwide across over 4,000 companies simPRO is a global leading provider of job management software for the trade and service industry. Its fortnightly software updates and regular add-on offers ensure businesses stay ahead of the curve.


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