AI Company Elula Selected in Westpac Australian 200 Businesses of Tomorrow Award

10-Aug-2018 12:48 PM

SYDNEY--()--Elula, up-and-coming leader in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, today was announced as a winner in the Westpac 200 Business of Tomorrow. Elula's enterprise AI products drive the commercial application of AI and help future-proof Australian businesses.


Much of the AI hype is focused on emerging capabilities and research but Elula believes it’s not good enough just to do cool stuff, it is imperative that AI and machine learning are applied to deliver meaningful business outcomes. To drive true innovation and break through conventional methods and barriers requires a fundamental challenge to the status quo while delivering an enterprise-grade solution at the same time.

“Being a winner in Westpac’s Businesses of Tomorrow is a great recognition which affirms that AI can really help transform Australian businesses and Elula wants to firmly establish ourselves as the number one leader in AI,” Co-CEO Josh Shipman said. “We’ve been excited by the extremely positive response received from big name customers – the visionary leaders are certainly hungry to embrace AI, differentiate themselves, deliver exceptional customer experiences and we’re proud that our product helps achieve this.”

“Around 20% of customers switch their home loan, phone plan or electricity provider every year. This is a big problem for businesses and getting it right can result in significant improvements in profit and customer experience. Elula’s Artificial Intelligence product combined with AWS cloud computing enable more precise ways of solving this problem and Elula quickly identifies all the micro triggers that signal a customer is going to leave,” Co-CEO Sarah Russell said. Elula predicts which customers will leave and provides businesses with a targeted list of customers to retain and the best action, for example, the right price discount or package to offer to increase customer loyalty.

The Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow program is designed to reward and recognise businesses with the drive to shape Australia’s future. The winners demonstrate a clear purpose and vision, deeply understand their customers needs and have the capability to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Elula's enterprise AI products use cutting-edge machine learning algorithms combined with mathematical optimisation to help businesses realise the commercial benefits of AI in dynamic pricing and customer retention.

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About Elula

Elula offers enterprise artificial intelligence and machine learning products in Dynamic Pricing, Customer Retention and Resource Optimisation. Elula’s product analyses vast amounts of data and applies cutting-edge machine learning algorithms combined with mathematical optimisation and AI services to help customers rapidly realise the commercial benefits of AI. To discover more about how your organisation can benefit from Elula’s AI products, please visit or follow @elula on LinkedIn.


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