ABEC Sets a New Benchmark in Single Use Bioreactor Capacity

11-Jul-2017 7:45 AM

ABEC increases the maximum capacity of its Custom Single Run (CSR®) Bioreactors to 4,000 liters, doubling the industry standard

BETHLEHEM, Pa.--()--ABEC, a leading global provider of integrated solutions and services for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, today announced the release of single use bioreactors with production volumes of 4,000 liters. ABEC’s 4,000 liter CSR Bioreactor has demonstrated performance comparable to stainless steel systems, a key feature of the CSR product line.


ABEC is the only supplier able to provide single use bioreactors with capacities greater than 2,000 liters. The 4,000 liter capability enables significant reduction in capital, facility, and disposables cost by doubling cell culture capacity in approximately the same floor space. The number of systems and disposable containers needed is cut in half, and facility size is reduced.

“The 4,000 liter capability is consistent with ABEC’s mission to provide the industry’s most productive and cost-effective solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Rather than incur the costs needed to ‘scale-out’ capacity with multiple 2,000 liter systems, single use customers can now achieve true economies of scale”, said Scott Pickering, ABEC President and CEO.

Custom Single Run (CSR)

ABEC’s CSR product line is a new paradigm for single use implementation. Leveraging ABEC’s long experience in equipment design, our customized approach, and our exclusive focus on production scale bioprocessing, CSR sets new benchmarks in single use productivity, cost, and flexibility. Key features include the industry’s largest production volumes, performance comparable to stainless steel systems, seamless process transfer and scale-up, rapid container loading, and a non-proprietary supply chain.

About ABEC

Since 1974, ABEC has been a global leader in delivering integrated process solutions and services for manufacturing in the biopharmaceutical industry. A majority of the world's pharmaceutical and biotech companies are ABEC customers; with many of today's leading therapies manufactured by processes and equipment engineered, manufactured, installed and serviced by ABEC. ABEC's unique value is based on long experience, complete in-house capabilities, a custom, flexible approach, and long-term credibility. Whether adding capacity or improving existing facilities, ABEC's turn-key solutions and support services reduce overall cost and time to market while delivering maximum productivity. To learn more about ABEC, visit http://www.abec.com, email info@abec.com and follow us on LinkedIn.


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