Expand your tea passion with the Certified Tea Masters Course!

30-Jun-2017 4:11 PM

It’s not too late to turn a tea passion into a profession. The final Tea Master Course for 2017 will be running from the 31st July to the 2nd August, with spaces filling up quickly!

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The Australian Tea Masters Association is pleased to announce that it’s not too late to turn a tea passion into a profession. The final Tea Master Course for 2017 will be running from the 31st July to the 2nd August, with spaces filling up quickly!

The Tea Masters course is an opportunity for tea lovers to receive mastery-level training by qualified tea masters and instructors, and learn all the main ins and outs of tea, including a diverse range of tea knowledge, as well as professional tea tasting (“cupping”). At the end of the course, students will be able to speak confidently about tea, as well as serve it with knowledge, passion, and integrity.

“Apart from water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world,” says Sharyn Johnston, Director, Australian Tea Masters Association. “It is a rising trend in Australia, with more and more people seeking to find the best quality tea available. This course is a great opportunity to become a part of this growing industry.”

Upon completion of the Certified Tea Master course students will be imbued with the knowledge and confidence to pursue a professional career in the tea industry, such as opening a tea shop or café, becoming a tea sommelier, working for a tea company, developing a tea menu, or becoming a Certified Tea Mastery trainer.

‘Certified Tea Master’ is a term used to describe someone with a deep knowledge and understanding about all aspects of tea. A Certified Tea Master has experienced a variety of teas from all the world’s tea regions and can discuss these at length, sharing valuable insights into a tea's processing methods, how it is consumed, its flavour profiles, and the cultural practices surrounding it.

“A Certified Tea Master seeks quality teas and tea information and is on a continuous journey to understand tea,” Sharyn Johnston continues. “This course is a qualification but despite becoming certified in Tea Mastery, being a Certified Tea Master does not have an end. It is a lifelong respect for and inquiry into tea.”

The Certified Tea Master course comprises of three days intensive training in Geelong, followed by a structured 14-week online training program using Skype. The course tuition is $2800 (including GST) and includes all learning materials, specialty teas and professional tools required.

The Australian Tea Masters Association was founded in 2012 to provide mastery level tea training, education and professional tea certification to individuals who wish to become Tea Masters and Tea Sommeliers. The association delivers the Certified Tea Master and Certified Tea Blending courses and is respected as meeting superior educational standards.

Those interested in the course can book online via the Australian Tea Masters website: http://australianteamasters.com.au/course/teamaster-aug2017-aus/

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