Media Intelligence

21-Sep-2016 3:16 PM

Isentia is the leading media intelligence consultancy in Australia. We've got the whole conversation and partner with the leaders of corporate Australia.

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In a nutshell we partner with our clients in help in three key ways:

1. Media Intelligence
We’ve got the whole conversation in the country with unrivalled coverage through every type of media monitoring you can think of; press, magazines, TV, radio, online and social media.  Combined with a  professional media database and reporting suite in the cloud, our clients have a complete communications cycle at their disposal to distribute, monitor and report on press, broadcast and online media.

2. Insights
With all the media data we collect we can use to gain insights on any topic or issue you can think of to deliver bespoke reporting which supports any executive strategy.  Our analysis can also produce amazing insights across Facebook where we can understand engagement and demographics across any conversation on global scale.

3. Content Marketing
We can create any kind of digital storytelling you can think of to engage an audience to get them to take action.  Globally we are award winning and have the capability to easily manage content on a global scale. What is different about what we can do is the strategy and analytics we can surround our creative with to tell you the full story, measure ROI and feed it all back into the strategy and marketing loop. 

In short, we can tell you what’s going on, we can tell you what to do, and we can do it all for you in branded digital storytelling platforms for growing customer reach and engagement. 

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- Adrian.