Adani works with regulators to finalise environmental management plans for the Carmichael Mine

17-Dec-2018 12:52 PM

Having announced finance, we are continuing to get on with creating jobs and the economic benefits associated with the Carmichael Mine and Rail Project. As part of this, we are awaiting a couple of environment management plans from the State and Federal Governments.

In relation to these management plans, the ABC has been reporting this morning on our work with the State and Federal Government to finalise two of the plans.   

Receiving feedback on management plans and working through that with regulators is a normal part of the approvals process for any resources project.

The management plans detail how the Carmichael Mine will meet the 100 different conditions within the mine approvals that relate to groundwater.

The mine’s approvals already provide provisions to protect the Doongmabulla Springs, these state the water level in the springs cannot drop more than 20cm.

We have been assisting with and welcomed a review by the CSIRO as we are committed to working transparently and to the same standards that are in place for other Australian mines.

This level of rigorous scientific scrutiny is in place to give the community confidence that mines like Carmichael will be operated responsibly. That is why Australia and Queensland are among the world’s leading mining jurisdictions.

We have been working closely with regulators over a very long period and have provided scientific information about groundwater in and around the mine and how we will manage and monitor it. This includes how our network of more than 100 groundwater monitoring bores will work.
In fact, Adani’s Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Management Plan has been through 10 rounds of assessments with the Australian and Queensland Governments over two years.

This has included definitively identifying the Clematis Sandstone as the source aquifer of the Doongmabulla Springs in October 2018. You can read more about the measures we have proposed to take to protect the springs here.

The springs lie 11 km from the mine and their underground water source, the Clematis Sandstone, is not connected to the Carmichael Mine. It is separated from the mine by the Rewan Formation, a 250mm-300mm underground claystone formation. It acts as an impervious layer, restricting water from flowing between the underground aquifers.

The main water source for the mine will be dam water.Groundwater will only be extracted from in and around the mine open cut pits so mining can be conducted safely.

Read more about how we will protect the Doongmabulla Springs here:

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